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Maximum Tax Refund

No Upfront Fee

No Money Needed To Get Started

One Child - up to $4000 Refund*

Two Children - up to $8000 Refund*

Tax Refund Advance Loans $250 to $6,000*

Get Your Refund Up To 2 Days Earlier*

We are ready when you are. 

Send documents 24/7 using your mobile phone, computer, or fax.

Personal Tax Return

With or Without Dependents

With or without Dependents
One Child - up to $3,000
Two Children - up to $8,000

We will work to get the maximum refund for you and your family

Get started now!
No upfront fee.

No money needed to get started
Send documents 24/7
Maximum Tax Refund

Step 1 - complete form
Step 2 - Send documents on the encrypted secure portal, with a mobile phone, computer, or fax 24/7
Step 3 - Schedule an appointment to confirm everything before processing the return. Accept return, and sign electronically.

Return is e-filed

Get your tax refund up to 4 days early with the FasterMoney® Discover® Prepaid Card Card² (compared to direct deposit or check).

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Refund Advance Loans

Refund Anticipation Loan

Our no-cost - option is awesome. Thanks to our loan structure, we’ve raised the bar on approvals, helping you grow in life, personal or business.

Available prior to filing taxes, based on credit, last year's return, and last pay stub. 

Refund Advance Loan

With a Taxpayer Refund Advance Loan, you get the money they need fast. This valuable program gives you the flexibility you need to pay outstanding expenses without having to wait weeks for your refund to be processed by the IRS –giving you the edge on your finances. 

(your return must be accepted by the IRS first)

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Business Income Tax  Returns

Specialize in All Small

Small Business

Cash Business

Home-Based Business

Internet Business

Step 1 - complete form
Step 2 - Set up a secure login with the email we send to you
Step 3 - Schedule an appointment time on what documents to send and review your business and its expenses. 

Send tax documents with a mobile phone, computer, or fax 24/7 Processing
Accept return, sign electronically Return is e-filed


Let's Start Talking

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"VBE Tax and Business Formation Services helped me save thousands on my taxes. Their team of experts are knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend their services."

John S.
Small Business Owner

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